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With a professional expertise dating back to more than 165 years, Ganz Motor Kft. is a Hungarian manufacturer of major engineering units for railway vehicles. The company is 100% owned by Ganz Holding Corporation.

We feel important to mention the rich experience accumulated within the Ganz Holding Co. that is also our investment into the future. Among others this specialized knowledge – contributed by such outstanding and well-known experts as Mechwart András, Kandó Kálmán or Jendrassik György – allowed for Ganz companies to supply railway vehicles to 38 countries worldwide in all populated continents, for satisfaction of both operators and passengers.

The Ganz Group of companies founded by Ganz Ábrahám in 1844 and the ’Magyar Királyi Államvasutak Gép- és Kocsigyára’ (Machine and Coach Factory of Hungarian Royal State Railways) established in 1870 - that later on became the ’MÁVAG’ - have played a basic role in the history of the company. Starting from the manufacturing of steam locomotives, these companies - first apart, then after their merge in 1959 (establishment of Ganz-MÁVAG) by means of joint efforts and the application of the results of continuous innovations and that of the leading technologies reached the development of diesel and electric driven vehicles (locomotives, trainsets, trams, metros and LRVs). Apart from the development and supply of driven vehicles, diesel engines, transmissions, the manufacturing of the hauled vehicles and that of passenger coaches and freight wagons was also continuous, and always in compliance with the highest technical niveau of the actual era. 

When in 1988 the Ganz-MÁVAG split up, its manufacturing activities, technical traditions and intellectual heritage were passed on to its successor companies. Out of its main activities the railway vehicle manufacturing was continued in several steps by Ganz-Hunslet Rt., then Ganz Vagon Kft., while the engineering activity was continued by Ganz Gépgyár Vállalat. By means of the transformation of the latter company, in 1991 the Ganz Holding Co. came into existence, incorporating production-, service-, development and trade companies, each of diversified profile.

In 1991 Ganz Holding Co. established Ganz Motor Kft. that also continues the activities of Ganz David Brown Kft. and that of Ganz Vagon Kft., which companies finished their activities in the meantime. From technological point of view the company is featured of customised and small scale production. The company disposes of universal machinery, qualified engineers and skilled workmen and by means of continuous developments a flexible background is available to satisfy the highest level of individual customer requirements.

Ganz Holding Co., as the successor and exclusive proprietor of the intellectual rights of the companies Ganz, MÁVAG, Ganz-MÁVAG, Ganz Vasúti Jármûgyárt Rt., Ganz-Hunslet Rt. and Ganz Vagon Kft., has granted exclusive user rights for Ganz Motor Kft. regarding documentation, know-how and manufacturing rights connected with railway vehicles manufacturing. Our company is committed to satisfy the customers’ requirements primarily by means of cooperation and innovation, based on the more than 165 years of tradition and in compliance with actual and future challenges. Our aim is to turn to a remarkable factor of the Hungarian mechanical engineering in the 21th. century, to improve our competitiveness and to increase our international prestige.